• Spa in Tuscany

    Our special offerings, traditional messages and peculiar treatments are something that makes us an extraordinary spa in Tuscany. Everything is designed to offer you a total healing experience of your mind, body and soul. The unique atmosphere of our spa truly fascinates people and is something that you should not miss.

    An experienced staff and the high quality amenities are some of the best features of our Spa Tuscany and are what will help you to get rid of all weariness and stress. The key highlights of the Wellness Center include Turkish bath, shower walk, Aromarium, Kneipp waterway and sauna.

    Even one visit to Spa Vignavecchia is enough to make it your permanent destination on every future trip to Tuscany. The spa is easy to reach and it can be easily accessed from Palazzo Leopoldo. We value your time and this is the reason why our dedicated staff tries to deliver you maximum satisfaction even if you will have just a short stay to enjoy.